( I asked Steve's sister for some information  about Steve to post on the page.   In return I received the following e-mail from Steve's mother.  With her permission I posted it here for all to see, her "bio" is far better than any I could write.  Thank you Beth Duvall. )


Here is some totally un-biased information for Steven's bio. The fact that it has been written by his mother has no affect on what the truth may or may not be.

Steven is an accomplished singer, having won many awards during high school and college. In June of 1998 he was awarded the Clark County(WA) Theatre Alliance award for the Best Male Performer in a Musical for his portrayal of Curly in "OKLAHOMA!". The theatre/music community in Southwest Washington miss him.

Steven and his dad started sailing two years ago when dad bought a small sail boat. The following year, we bought a little larger boat and they participated in several racing series at the Sailing Club, winning one first place in the Fall series and two third places, one in Spring series and one in the Summer series. With his first taste of sailing, Steven was enamored with it and began reading everything he could find about sailing and racing. His studying made him more confident and able and was the key factor in the first place win in the Fall.

Steven's work experience has been in food and beverage services. He was in Puerto Vallarta, where he met Gene, to help friends re-open their restaurant there. Steven has never met a stranger. He makes friends easily and his warm, caring personality has served him well in all of his professional endeavors.

I can talk about Steven for a long time, but this gives you a good idea of who and what he is. Please let me know if you have questions.

Beth Duvall