And the journey begins...............

Weeks of January 3, and January 10, 1999

The Finntastic set sail from San Diego on January 4th 1999 at 10:00 a.m. with Captain Dominic Romano at the helm. (replacing Finntastic’s first captain prior to departure). Eva Bartel on board as a guest and helpful crew member.  We reached Ensenada, Mexico on the 5th of January, very late at night.

With a days rest, we embarked for Cabo San Lucas. Even with the best laid plans in place, the unexpected can and usually does happen. Sailing from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas the compressor for the refrigeration unit ceased to function. Calls were made and parts were ordered from out at sea, with the hope that the part would be in Cabo San Lucas when we docked. Unfortunately the parts were incorrect.

Week of January 18, 1999

Enjoying some time on land in Cabo but still frustrated with Customs and paperwork. Shipping and Customs being as it is between the States and Mexico, we had no assurance of when the parts would arrive. So Gene hopped a flight to LA to get the needed parts. To his disappointment the parts were incorrect. So new parts were ordered.

Week of January 24, 1999   MAP

Dominic's turn now to take that flight to Los Angeles. It appears that we are stuck in a black hole of waiting for replacement parts. Thankfully Dominic returned with the correct parts. All anxiously awaiting repairs and departure.

Week of January 31, 1999

All repairs made. Finntastic stores replenished. New First Mate (Robert Robidoux) aboard. We plan to leave Cabo San Lucas on the 2nd of February and sail across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan.  Finntastic finally departs Cabo early on Tuesday morning, February 2nd, setting sail for Mazatlan with Guest Bartel on board. During the day, Finntastic experienced her first strong headwinds. Finntastic altered course to take advantage of headwind and by-passed Mazatlan. All arrived safely into Puerto Vallarta on February 4th. Guest Eva Bartel departs.


Week of February 7 through 20 1999         MAP

Captain and First Mate enjoying   Puerto Vallarta while Gene is  on business trip to Dallas, Texas for a few days. After Gene returned from his trip,  he and Dominic took a balloon ride .   During the our stay in Puerto Vallarta they had some guests from the states visit. We are prowd at this time to announce that Steve Duvall joined the crew of the Finntastic as the first mate.   Welcome aboard Steve. Finntastic is  expected to depart during weekend for it's next stop--Manzanillo.


As the Finntastic traveled down the coast of Mexico we stopped at Jalisco for two days. We arrived at Manzanillo on the 26th of February.  Finntastic will remain anchored at Las Hadas,  Manzanillo  for about two to three weeks.