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Dominic first began boating in Pensacola, Florida when his family lived on a bayou. His father bought a 12' Jon boat with an outboard. When Dominic 7 and 8 years he would take the dog and explore up and down the length of the waterway.

At an early age, Dominic had been onboard aircraft carriers with his father many times and was always fascinated by them. Dominic has been on Tiger Cruises with his father in the Atlantic and the Pacific. He joined his family on a two day trip accompanying the USS Independence from Norfolk, VA to Philadelphia to leave it there for SLEP (Ship Life Extension Program).

His family was transferred to Washington state and lived on Liberty Bay across from the City of Poulsbo. While there we worked our way up through a 19' sailing dinghy, 2 20-something foot day sailers to a 31' Cheoy Lee Ketch. Dominic earned Boy Scout merit badges in Boating, Sailing and earned the Eagle Scout rank at the age of 12. He sailed all over Puget Sound and even into Lake Washington through the Ballard Locks.

During all of Dominic's teenage years, he was active in boating with his father, his father’s friends and hired out to people who needed work done on their boats or sea trials or deliveries. He enjoys powerboats, too, with water skiing and related water sports. 

Dominic is also a big Miami Dolphin's    fan.